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If you feel a rule has been broken, report it by clicking on the three dots on the top right of the post. Identify the rule and why you feel it has been broken. Please be sure you understand the Terms of Use of the forum. Please respect your fellow automotive enthusiast. When they ask a question and you think you can help, please do so. Please give back to the community when you can.

1. Do not make ad hominem attacks on another member. Disagreements with content are fine. Everyone disagrees with someone else some time, but ad hominem attacks are not. Warnings will be made for all ad hominem attacks and multiple violations result in a ban. Argue your case, not the person. Do not disclose private information about members without their consent. (e.g., names, contact details, pictures, personal life, etc., including private messages, Facebook, email, and social media.)

2. Racial or ethnic slurs are not tolerated. If you make such a statement, you will be banned without warning.

3. Keep discussions on topic. Off topic posts will be deleted. If you have a side note to add, please add it at the end of your post. Continual violations of this rule will result in administrative action against your account. Opinions on someone's classified ads are Off-Topic. If you want to help the owner about the price, then PM the owner privately. Do not interfere with the buying and selling. The market will work itself out without your personal opinion. Post new threads in their appropriate subforum. For example, if you have a discussion on wheels, then do not post it in "General Discussion". Post the new thread in "Wheels, Tires, and Suspension". Similarly, post ads in the appropriate subforum in the "Porsche Macan Classified Forum". Ads anywhere else will be deleted and infractions issued.

4. Cursing or colorful language is not allowed. Do not try to get around the automated filters when your intention was clear to use foul or vile language. This is a family friendly place. Please respect that atmosphere. EVERYONE has the ability to filter out images that are NSFW. Some things should never be posted as this is family friendly. However, sometimes violent or gory images might be acceptable. They will be moderated where possible and marked NSFW if caught. YOU are responsible for what you see. In your Account, under Preferences, "Sensitive" content must be checked. Otherwise those images will be blocked. Its up to you to appropriately manage images you see.

5. Respect Moderators. If you have an issue with a moderator's decision about something, take it to a PM. Publicly announcing or questioning a moderator's decision will result in an infraction or a ban.

6. No Spamming. If you spam, you're banned. It's that simple. This includes posts with little content intended to increase post counts.

7. No Trolling. Trolling is defined as: submitting a deliberately provocative posting with the aim of inciting an angry response. If you are suspected of doing so, you will receive an infraction.

8. Keep all topics related to a topic in one thread. This will make it easier for people to keep track of what is going on. If they missed something, they can just go back and read it. Make sure to use the 'Search Community' feature. Do not create multiple threads on the same subject.

9. No alternative user accounts. Each member will have one login/username only. Anyone caught with more than one account will have the alts deleted and infractions issued. If you would like a change to your account name, use the contact form.

10. Non-Site-Vendors are not permitted to advertise for services or products, or insert links of any kind, or pictures directing to anything other than a generic hosting site. Reference to particular products, methods, repairs, or specifications are acceptable if they could be considered helpful to the member base and do not constitute direct advertising/shilling. Sole discretion on these matters will reside with the moderators/administrators and/or VerticalScope.

11. Do not make an ad hominem attack on any current politician. This means anyone currently in office or officially running for office at ANY government level. Do not hide behind snide remarks or sarcasm. It's the intent that matters. Discussing policies is not an ad hominem attack, provided any comments are directed only toward policy. Do not discuss religion in a manner that attacks any religion.
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