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Picked up a 2015 Macan Turbo (Jet Black with Saddle Brown interior) over the summer. I've been lurking on this board, researching reliability, maintenance, issues, etc; and had been looking for it since last fall waiting for the right one. Finally found this one with 56K miles and CPO (confirmed until spring of 2021) at a good price. Now I'm just learning about it and experiencing all the nuances and features; previously owned 4 Saabs (900's & 9-3) before replacing the last one with the Macan Turbo.

Since CPO runs out in ~5 months, anything to bring up to the dealer(s) to make sure I have inspected/repaired prior to CPO ending? Anything specific to check on the Transfer Case to ask/inspect while under warranty? Also, driver switch pack's trunk & window lock buttons are stuck; dealer took it out and said a PO must have spilled something on it since it was gooey/sticky inside so not covered by CPO. It's a minor issue but any options other than full replacement?

TIA, Wil

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