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Over the last couple of months, I have been reading a ton of threads on Extended Warranties and have done extensive research. The information below is not to debate whether one should or should not buy one but rather, if you decide to buy one, how and where to proceed:

I called 4 local Independent shops and 2 dealerships in the area to survey who they liked and recommended.

First tier of names that came up consistently: Fidelity, CNA, and Safe-Guard.
Second tier which weren't mentioned as frequently: Mercury and Route66.
Other popular names that people float on forums: Geico and USAA.

Fidelity is the gold standard.
Safe-Guard is the same company that has recently partnered with Porsche for their Service Vehicle Contract.
CNA National is new to me but appears on Lexus, BMW and Range Rover forums consistently and with a long history.

If you look at the reviews/complaints on sites like BBB.org, you will see that all of the companies get slammed (surprisingly even Fidelity). Take some time and read through the details and you will find that, in most instances, the complaints were on non-exclusionary policies resulting in uncovered repairs.

In my research, I was shocked to learn that all of the First Tier companies in my market use the same local inspector who they send from shop to shop to inspect any repairs needing approval. This could be due to the size of my market but with over 1 million people in the area, it surprised me. Whether you have a claim with Fidelity, CNA or Safe-Guard, the same inspector shows up at the dealer/independent repair shop.

It is my recommendation that you only buy an exclusionary policy.

Pricing Contacts:

Fidelity: The 3 contacts below have the best Fidelity pricing:

Michael Jourdan at Mossy Motors and ask for the
(504) 708-2978
[email protected]

Troy Dietrich
Toyota of Greenfield
[email protected]
(413) 773-5455

Rebecca Kunz
Midlothian BMW Business Manager
O: 804-897-2259 C: 208-283-9129
[email protected]

CNA National:

Jeff Traynham
[email protected]

Safe Guard:



All of the policies in the First Tier are transferable and refundable (pro-rated) with a minimal transaction fee. If you buy a $100 deductible from your local service dealer, they generally offer the disappearing deductible (meaning that they waive the $100 fee).

I believe that most, if not all policies, base the mileage coverage against the odometer. For example, if you have 40k miles at the time of purchasing your extended warranty that provides coverage up to 100k, then you have a balance 60k more miles available under your warranty.

However, the expiration date of the policies can vary. For example, some policies that state 7 year coverage start when based on the factory in-service date (if your car is 4 years old, then you would have only 3 years of warranty coverage) while others start based on when you actually buy the policy (in my case, I bought a 9 year policy at the end of the 4 year factory warranty that is effective on the date that I purchased it so I have coverage for almost 13 years). This is a major difference and you have to do you research carefully.

In my situation, my car has only 15k and I tend to keep them for 10 +/- years so I went with a low mileage option. While Fidelity was appealing, I decided to buy a CNA 9 yr / 80k /$100 deductible (disappearing/waived by local dealer) for $4,500 + tax which suited my needs and risk tolerance.

I encourage others to utilize this thread to add contact info for other reputable online insurers as well as personal experiences and recommendations.


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Thanks for sharing. I've heard good things about Geico MBI, any reason you decided no to go with it?
Note that -- based on my reading here -- you need a fairly new car insured with Geico to avail yourself of their MBI:

"Geico offers the 'mechanical breakdown insurance' where if you insure a car that is less than 15 months old and has less than 15k miles ..." according to @santastico, in the first post in this thread:


In this thread, @atwnsw states that his car is four years old.
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