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Hey guy,
When I open the engine bay cover (when the engine is operating), I can smell a tiny bit of exhaust fume (only when I dig my head inside). Is this normal? Thanks!
If it is in the engine bay, I would recommend inspecting your Headers for cracks. While you're under the car, I would also scope your Cats to ensure there hasn't been a failure.

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What is meant by "tiny bit" and how far inside the engine compartment are you sticking your head?

One test you could run is to have a second person block the exhaust tips and see if you can then hear exhaust escaping
from some opening closer to the engine.

You have provided no background on your vehicle:

year of manufacture​
number of miles on the vehicle​
and exhaust work completed - and if so, when​
any off road excursions or other activities/events that would have damaged the vehicle's exhaust system, resulting in a leak​
how long you've owned this vehicle​
was there no exhaust smell previously​

While exhaust leaks are important to address, what is described above does little to convince me there exists a serious problem.

Is it possible that, with the engine running and the hood open, and possibly a breeze, some exhaust is making its way underneath
the vehicle and out through the open hood?

Are we counting dancing angels? I hope not.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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