Gen 1 & 2 Macan (3.0) V6 engines came with a 3 pin exhaust flapper valve actuator-connector on right rear muffler. Disconnecting the connector allowed the flapper valve to always stay open and didn't trigger any CEL codes.
For 2022 & 2023 (gen 3) Macan (2.9) V6, the exhaust valve actuator was changed to a 4 pin connector. Disconnecting this 4 pin connector caused two CEL codes (P0475 & P048E), both related to exhaust pressure control valve (flapper actuator).

After obtaining the new Porsche exhaust wiring diagram for gen 3 Macan, and working with several aftermarket resources (flat6motorsport, Soul exhaust & Burger tuning), a solution was found for a 4 pin connector terminator that didn't trigger any CEL codes.

After tracing the OEM actuator connector part number to a German mfg, a mating 4 wire pigtail connector was ordered and later the correct resistor/jumper configuration was determined to not trigger any codes. Reference attachment on when flapper valve is open/closed as compared to PSE. Having the flapper valve always open comes close to simulating actual PSE for right rear muffler.
Left rear muffler doesn't have a flapper valve but a small mod can be made to the restrictive inward exhaust outlet by drilling 6-8 (3/8") holes on the internal circular plate (see attached photo).

Fitment and Installation:
For 2022 & 2023 Macan S without PSE. One terminator needed for right rear muffler.
Install by disconnecting the OEM flapper valve actuator connector above the right rear muffler (pull gray tab on top first). Cover actuator connector opening with elec or duct tape, snap 4 pin terminator into connector wire harness and zip tie it out of the way.

Legal Disclosure:
Although I have done this mod on my 2022 S and haven’t had any issues after 9 months and 6,000 miles, I take no responsibility if someone encounters a problem during install of the 4 pin terminator or any other issues thereafter.

$35 for the 4 pin terminator with free shipping per PSPS to lower 48 states. Supply is limited as I made only a small handful to test buyer interest.

PM me if you’re interested or have any questions. Payment can be made per Paypal or Zelle at [email protected].