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Jumping in one this as I've been wanting to do these for awhile now.
@911owner I'm in the same boat as you, so if you happen to jump into this, do you mind taking pictures of the process along the way? That would help tremendously! 馃槃
Will do. The cam is currently on back order so hopefully will get in a week or so. Stay tune.

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Blackvue DR900s interference with key fob range.

I do not have keyless entry option but after my cam installation the key fob range is greatly reduced due to some form of interference.

The Blackvue DR900s front camera and coaxial cable is routed under A pillar airbag, across front door around B pillar and top of rear door before reaching left trunk cavity. I did not install the backup battery under front seat as I read it could hit the seat if too low. Backup battery is installed in place of the air pump and velcro securely. Power is taken from rear trunk fuse E #11, rear switch 12v socket.

Blackvue states most interference is with the coaxial cable for rear cam so this has been unplugged but the problem remains. I have added ferrite cores to both camera and backup battery cable which has helped slightly but not resolved the issue. Even though the front to rear cable loom runs down right side of headliner I did notice a small loom on left side A pillar. Could this be the cause of the issue and if so what would be the easiest way to shield the camera power cable? Aluminum Foil?

I thought it would be the Bluetooth function from the B-124 but there is no way to turn this off plus our phones use it to connect to PCM. As soon as I turn off the B-124 power the key fob range is restored.

Any ideas guy what could be causing this issue? I initially routed cable down right headliner but switched to left thinking it would resolve my issue but didn鈥檛.

Many thanks!
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