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Creaky steering wheel trim

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This is not the frequently discussed creaking/squeaking steering wheel issues regarding the shaft. This is specifically related to the steering wheel trim. It creaks.. almost constantly. Even without pressing on it, it will creak when just driving. I feel like our 2015 did this as well, but that one was under just CPO warranty and our 2020 is still under full warranty.

Anyone had this issue successfully repaired? Or have this issue at all?
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I have a new 2023 Macan (1k miles) and my steering wheel makes a squeak when I turn the wheel slightly from left to right. I notice it when music is off and when turning at slow speeds and can replicate the sound while parked. It’s not a loud sound, and I thought it was the tires making the sound, but determined it’s coming from the steering wheel/driver side of car. I recently was hit by a garbage truck, a super slow speed accident as it pulled out of a parked area into me ($8,000) and wanted to verify that this sound isn’t because of the door damage on rear passenger side. I became hyper aware of all sounds because I was listening for any issues due to accident.
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