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Crack in door handle

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Has anyone else here had a crack develop in their door handle? Mine is on the driver's side rear door. I don't see any indication of impact. Very strange.


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I noticed this morning what looked like a scratch on the driver's door handle on my 2020 Macan, but when I looked closer I could see it's a hairline crack. Then I looked at my other door handles and there were small hairline cracks on all of them. My 2023 Macan is at the port already and should be at the dealership within a week. (Only issue is that the Burmeister amp is not in the car and they can't sell it to me until they get the amp.) I contacted my dealer's service manager and he told me I could come in for him to take pictures to make the warranty claim but I might as well just wait for the new car to come in since it's going to take some time to get the door handles in anyway.
1 - 1 of 175 Posts