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Crack in door handle

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Has anyone else here had a crack develop in their door handle? Mine is on the driver's side rear door. I don't see any indication of impact. Very strange.


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I had two handles replaced under warranty in May. Those two handles have developed new cracks. Not sure if Porsche will replace again now that I’m out of warranty. And what exactly is the issue that causes the cracks? The replacement is painted here instead of Germany so likely not an issue with paint?

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I had two handles with small cracks replaced by dealer. The new handles have developed cracks larger than the cracks on the original handles. Vehicle is out of warranty now so dealer will not replace the handles again. I should have just kept the original handles!

Not sure if it is the paint or handle that is the issue but the replacement handles were painted here and not in Germany.

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Is an aftermarket handle available?

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Maybe I’ll just get them wrapped and change the color to black.

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I had the passenger side front and rear handles replaced due to cracks. The replacement handles lasted only a few months before they also cracked. I got tired of dealing with the issue so just left them as is. Maybe I'll get them wrapped instead. Not sure why the driver's side handles are fine. Whatever the issue, is this also a problem on other Porsche models? If not, what is so special (defective) about Macan door handles that brand new, they only last a few months or a couple of years?

I don't think it is a paint issue because first set was painted at the factory. Second set was painted in the USA.
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