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Crack in door handle

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Has anyone else here had a crack develop in their door handle? Mine is on the driver's side rear door. I don't see any indication of impact. Very strange.


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I wish I saw this post earlier. I have two 2020 Macan S vehicles. I noticed door handle hair-line cracks after 1 year in my White Macan. I fortunately found that it was covered by Porsche warranty by doing a little research. I sent pictures to my dealer who said they had to send it to Porsche for approval of free replacement. It took a while but it was approved. It took longer to get the part and then to get it painted. I think the dealer was lax in the process along the way too. I dropped off the car and it took a few days at the dealer but they replaced all 4 handles. Not sure why it took so long if it was already painted, but I asked for and got a a loaner during that time. In the meantime, I looked closely at my Dolomite Macan and found cracks there too. I repeated the procedure, with all the follow ups and delays. I am scheduled to bring the car in for fixing in 2 weeks. Not sure why the dealer is lax with this since I am sure they get reimbursed by Porsche for the trouble. In any event, if you have a Macan, you should check out the handles real carefully and then contact the dealer if you see cracks. Get all 4 replaced (they probably do this automatically) since they will probably all crack eventually. Not sure what the issue is, maybe the paint finish, but it seems to be a known problem. I haven't heard of this in any other Porsche model.
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As of last week, both of my 2020 Macan S vehicles had their door handle cracks fixed. Actually, they replaced all 4 handles on each, of course. They didn't actually repair them. White and Dolomite. colors. It took way longer than it should have. The entire process. From taking pictures, sending them to my dealership, having them get approval from Porsche, ordering the handles, getting them in and painted, and setting up an appointment when they had a loaner for me, was months. Too many months. With numerous follow ups or it never would have happened. But it is now done. I think Porsche should have sent out a notice to the affected vehicles and replaced the door handles on their 10,000 service but that would be logical and costly. Don't give up. Get them replaced. Who knows what happens down the road otherwise.
Very valid point. They did fix both of my vehicles and gave me loaner cars each time. That said, it still was a pain to chase them each time to get it done, and then to bring car there and then pick up. Shouldn't be necessary years after the issue was discovered.
Common issue on Macans. Both of my 2020 Macans had this issue. It’s covered by warranty, but still a pain. Especially with loaners scarce. Your lucky they have it in stock but the painting needs to be done. Dealer needs to take steps to insure they get reimbursed under warranty.
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did you try and go back to the dealer. even if it's past the normal warranty. there might be some special time allowance since Porsche knows it was a problem.
probably where macan handles are made...haven't heard this on any other models
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