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Crack in door handle

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Has anyone else here had a crack develop in their door handle? Mine is on the driver's side rear door. I don't see any indication of impact. Very strange.


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Just picked up our 2018 Monday, our rear left door handle is also cracked, will need to check all the others very closely
Take it to the dealer. They’ll replace it. Part will probably need to be ordered and painted. Just had my driver handle replaced and did the first oil change while at it at 10 months/7,500 miles. Took about 3 weeks for part + paint.
Bumping this thread as I just noticed a crack on the left passenger door. A few years ago, there was a cracker on the driver’s door handle and the dealer replaced it under warranty (I think they replaced the rear left passenger as well). All was fine until yesterday when I noticed a crack. Does anyone know how much it costs to replace? I was looking online for parts and the primed handle is about $140 (needs painting and installation). The part is for right side and I couldn’t find one for left with Porsche entry. Am I correct to assume that the rear left and right door handles use the same part?
did you try and go back to the dealer. even if it's past the normal warranty. there might be some special time allowance since Porsche knows it was a problem.
i sent them a text through their normal line on Saturday asking how much it costs to replace. Will ping them tomorrow to follow up. IIRC we replaced the front rear driver side. The rear started to crack again. I wonder if it’s because it’s parked outside and the sun shines on that side more.
Update: followed up and dealer sent a quote for $830 painted and installed. Seems really expensive for a door handle, no? Part is about $300, paint $250, and installation $300.
Seems like $800-1400 is the range. Called another dealer as well as local Porsche shops, and they all quoted that much. The other dealer and a well known Porsche specialist quoted 1200-1400 with 4 hours of labor (said door panels need to be taken out). Never realized how much a door handle could cost.
I noticed this morning what looked like a scratch on the driver's door handle on my 2020 Macan, but when I looked closer I could see it's a hairline crack. Then I looked at my other door handles and there were small hairline cracks on all of them. My 2023 Macan is at the port already and should be at the dealership within a week. (Only issue is that the Burmeister amp is not in the car and they can't sell it to me until they get the amp.) I contacted my dealer's service manager and he told me I could come in for him to take pictures to make the warranty claim but I might as well just wait for the new car to come in since it's going to take some time to get the door handles in anyway.
that is how it starts. My first oneI thought it was a piece of hair stuck on there. Looked at it closely and it was indeed a crack. Same thing this time around. Geico MBI will cover this so I am out $250 for deductible. At least it’s not the $800-1,400 that various shops/dealers quoted. I wished back then they would all crack and get replaced under warranty. It’s mainly because if it comes up later, it’s money out of pocket. Hopefully the other two stay intact.
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