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This is my first post but I didn't see this concern addressed yet.

Long story short I just had to get my front bumper and grille replaced. It took two months to get into the shop recommended by the dealership and another two months to get my car back. It was a dark and rainy day so after the repair tech showed me everything I just hopped in and drove away.

When I got out of the car I noticed this massive panel gap on both sides of the hood. I called the repair shop and they said they'd be happy to adjust it but it won't really help since it will just make the gap on the other side bigger.

It just looks like the hood wasn't quite formed correctly. If I lean on the hood the panel gaps close and everything looks great.

Has anyone run into this issue before? Im thinking maybe if I just invited one of my heftier friends over we could just lean on each side and form the hood into shape.

More realistically I want to try leaning some padded pieces of wood on each side overnight and see if the aluminum takes the shape.

I can live with it but this is my first Porsche and a panel gap right there on the hood is such an eye sore once you see it.

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Does the gap change when it is hot and when it is cold?
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