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I've noticed a lot of comments around the net that the Macan will bring a lot of new customers to Porsche due to the lower starting price.

If money was no objection, would you prefer a Cayenne or Macan?

For me, I'm over 6 foot and like the space of the Cayenne, I'm getting the Macan because I can do 0-100 in 5.2 sec and it will cost me 100K. The base Cayenne does 0-100 in 7.8 sec, to do a similar time as the Macan, you really need to spend around the 150K.

So, for me if money was no objection, it would be the turbo Cayenne for me.
I'm still going love my Macan though :)

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I just got my Cayenne, with a 6-speed manual!
All the options I wanted and under $60k.
The 0-62mph is 7.0 sec ... good enough for me.

Pos. MTYP/Option Text Retail Price
1 92AAG7 Cayenne 49,600.00
2 J6 Jet Green Metallic 790.00
3 MC Standard Interior in Luxor Beige 0.00
4 QV4 SiriusXM® Satellite Radio Receiver 750.00
5 N7F Soft Ruffled Seat Centers - Standard Interior 470.00
6 7T1 Porsche Communication Management (PCM) with Navigation Modul 3,675.00
7 4F6 Porsche Entry & Drive 1,090.00
8 4A3 Seat Heating (Front) 525.00
9 3FU Panorama Roof System 1,850.00
10 2ZH Multifunction Steering Wheel incl. Steering Wheel Heating 250.00
11 0NA Deletion of Model Designation 0.00
12 PA1 Automatically Dimming Mirrors 420.00
13 EXT TPMS - Tire Pressure Monitorin 0.00
Total Retail Vehicle Price 59,420.00

I'm very happy with it.
That sounds very nice, I priced up your car here in Australia, we would pay around $135,000 for that car, you could say we get ripped off over here. This is why the Macan is a much better option for me, the price comparison is much more realistic.

Enjoy your ride:)
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