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Met a guy and his wife in a Costco parking lot in Marysville, Wa. They were driving a Met Wt. GTS on 21" ( Just what I have ordered), and were on their way home to Vancouver, CA. after a road trip to the Bay area. They said the Macan is the new Chey in Vancouver, there are so many of them. I asked about how the ride is on the 21" wheels and he said with air it drives like a "dream". He just went on and on about how great a ride the Macan is. Can't wait to get mine!!!!
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I wonder how many Vancouver cars are being shipped to Asia and fetching double/triple MSRP.
Triple would be quite a feat, given that the price out the door in Shanghai is exactly 2x the price in Canada for an S and there is lots of allocation for China given that it is Porsche's biggest market.

Dealers here are supposed to verify residency, but you know that's not hard for a determined buyer to fudge.
the only thing Porsche can do is to flag the VIN # once the car is landed somewhere overseas and the owner brings the car into Porsche for warranty works. They can then deny them for the coverage totally.
Have the 21s on ours, can confirm, rides like dream. :)
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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