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Breaking news !

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Just got a facebook message from my SA ...

The MrSam Macan is here !

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Very nice. You conveyed your experience in a way that made me feel I was right there. I enjoyed both the writing and the photos.
Thanks for the positive feedback .. It was quite difficult because i have a lot of footage an pictures but i was not sure on how to tell the story ..

On one hand i would like to explain that it is very important to properly break in your car and to give the different components time to 'sweat' and allign to each other.

This is why i always go on a distant trip so that a few days after delivery this is taken care off. It's good if you can find something fun for the family as well so that you can enjoy your car and they can enjoy the destination.

This wil be a story that is not model/make specific and i will do a proper thread on this if i find the time.

On the other hand i have so many experiences to share.. How the car reacted to various situations, some of the issues i encountered and my general feeling about the car.

All in all it will be no surprise that i am 100% happy with my car, and i can only tell the others that are still awaiting delivery to hold on tight and the wait will be well worth it.

One thing that i am ready to reveal at this time is the PSE .. it was one of the things i was quite stressed about .. I was not able to spec it before my build locked and i feared that the 'default' system would not give me the 'goosebumps' i so hoped for.

I know now that this fear was misplaced and that the default system is actually quite good.. In normal mode you have a very very very quiet car, and when you put it into sport you can burp,fart,ghsss it at any time with only the tip of your foot.

I will most probably not go for the sport exhaust because the default system is 'limit' when starting your cold car without waking up the neighborhood.

To conclude, i would like to thank anyone on this forum .. i registered in feb/2014 and in the meantime posted over 150 reactions.. the last weeks where the hardest on my and i literally googled, regoogled, youtubed and checked this and every other possible forum every 10 minutes ;)

Since this was not very productive i will now go back to my default modus operandi, but i promise i will come back here from time to time to check on you guys.

Feel free to add me on linkedin: Sam Hermans - Belgium | LinkedIn

I really wish the best of luck to all of you, both in your personal and financial life... And always remember to cherish the good times in life and live in the moment because tomorrow is never guaranteed.

Kind Regards,
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So .. 3600km and 8 days later .. Air suspension problems :/
Hows the PASM? Does it have any issue so far?
Soooo .. this is the 10000km update .. The car was registered the 1st of oktober so i'm now 4'ish months into ownership.

Nothing but good news, recently descovered a few stupid porsche things but all in all very happy. (if you have a folder with 50 songs etc it will first play 1.mp3 then 10.mp3 etc simply renaming them worked for me but this is lame in 2014)

I read that Porsche is one of the brands with the least 'breakdowns', now reading up on this a breakdown only counts if you are stranded on the road and you need to be towed.

So technically speaking i had NO breakdowns, but i did encounter the following yesterday:

a 'reboot' at the stopping lights fixed everything but still very strange thing to happen .. i could really feel something was wrong mechanically (pdk/diff ?) i should probably take my car in asap so they could read it out .. but i have to find the time for that :/

Disclaimer: Guys, i really do not want to frighten you, as said before, i feel very confident that porsche will fix any issues if required but i do want to mention them because i never had a single warning in my previous cars that i drove as an idiot as well.

Warranty wise, after some time i discovered a scratch on my doorpanel.. i can only recommend to check this yourself when picking up your car.

The parts have been ordered and will be replaced.

When i was at my dealership to check the turbo with PSE i saw the following: PDK of a pana 4s, should be very similar to ours .. man this thing is huge:

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Congrats! It looks amazing! I had not seen white with the sideblades painted before.
There are many neece looking Macans.
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Loved your posts and pics. It's a lifelong dream for me and on my bucket list to drive on the Autobahn.

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I just stumbled upon this thread, what an awesome trip you had and thanks for sharing with the rest of us.
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Great read!
Really enjoyed the write up. Made such a change from reading spec. questions. The way you wrote this - I felt I was there with you. So now even more eager for my SD which was built this week for a mid March delivery....
Very nice -congrats! I'm envious!
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