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Breaking news !

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Just got a facebook message from my SA ...

The MrSam Macan is here !

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Congratulations! Only a few more sleeps?
Wow, looks like a lot of happy Macan owners! Just awhile longer. Believe me, it's worth it!
So i went to the dealer.. first impressions:

It's confirmed, the cars do have a 'transport mode'. In this mode revs are limited and speed as well (20 km/h). I was quite happy knowing that the car was not abused (so far).

The car has 8km on the odo.

20" spyders look great, i am very happy with the results .. I saw a Macan with 21" parked next to it and you barely see the difference in size.

The wheel logos are in black and white, and this looks very good on a white (and a bit of black) car.

I'm very happy with the choice to go for the 'free' black interior option. On the turbo the default is brushed aluminium, and most cars are configured like this.

I am very impressed and glad that i went for the 'full leather interior'. The rear seats look amazing as well if you go for the 18-ways.

I do not have the panoramaroof but the alcantara looks amazing. I can recommend this to any S owner that didn't order the panorama. (i guess that if you have the panorama it doesn't really matter). Turbo owners get this 'for free'.

I didn't go for the factory tint as i tought i would prefer to choose the intensity. In reality the factory tint is quite dark (as i would probably do so myself). But seeing the car with clear windows makes it look very 'classy'. So i'm going to leave it for now.

I am extremely happy with how that came out .. the white on white looks great.

That's it for now .. i got all the required papers to fix my insurance and complete the car's registration.

The only kadundrum i have right now is either i go for vanity plates (minimum 2 weeks) or not. (#firstworldproblems)

Will be back with more updates soon,
Thanks for all the help/support !

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@MrSam Wow, that looks like very little space between your car and the next level. Better check your roof really well...
Just got a facebook message from my SA ...

The MrSam Macan is here !

Post pix when you get it!
Interesting that they mix P and VW cars on the trailer. My dealership told me they avoid that. Yeah, I know it's snobbish :p
Yeah, but small country here. (around 150 new porsches/year) so sending around empty trailers is not so cost effective i guess.

I don't think the Dealers have any say about this as it is the importer that takes care of distribution of the cars once they come of the train.

Importer's quote below:

Boasting a more than 65 year relationship with the Volkswagen group, D’Ieteren Auto imports and distributes the vehicles of Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Škoda, Bentley, Lamborghini, Bugatti and Porsche makes across Belgium, along with spare parts and accessories, through a network of some 170 independent and 35 corporately-owned dealers of the Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Škoda, Bentley/Lamborghini and Porsche makes.
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PS: If you care that much about branding, DO NOT check that metal 'door hinge' for brand markings the next time you open your macan door.
So Saturday was the big day.. after months of waiting all the stars where aligned and the car was ready to be picked up.

I had someone drive my wife and me to the dealership last saturday to pick up the car, we would then leave on an epic roadtrip trough Belgium,Luxembourg,Germany and Austria.

Some pictures of the big reveal:

As you can see i went for the white exterior, with the painted sideblades. On the rear i had the 'porsche macan turbo' removed and they fitted the PORSCHE in black that can be ordered for the GT3.

For the interior i went for the black inlays, black full leather and the 18 ways.

When i took delivery the car had 11km ( 6.8miles) on it.
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One thing i dont think anyone discussed here is the Porsche Vehicle Tracking System (PVTS).

Now apparently there are a few levels of 'security' that can be enabled. My insurer required a TT4. This means that the vehicle should be trackable, and that a keycode should be given every time you start the car.

I looked into serveral other options and found other insurance companies that would insure the car at a higher rate, but eventually decided to go with it since it is nicely integrated in the car.

It's also quite nice that i know that no one will ever be able to steal my keys and go for a ride.

I have this remote keyfob :

And when i get in my car and i start it i get the following message after a few seconds:

All in all the system doesnt bother me that much and i can do it while driving..

An additional bonus is that i now have the iphone/android app that allows me to geofence or speedfence my car,locate it, unlock it and some other neat stuff.
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With the car started and loaded we where ready to go !

We entered the address, 763km from our current location and hit the road.

These first km i discovered the car, played around with my seating position and fiddeled around with the PCM. I tried to keep the rpm as low as possible...

1 hour into the trip we hit a massive traffic jam.. It was close to the nurnburg circuit and a few cars that where racing on the Autobahn crashed and they had to close the highway so they could transport the injured people by chopper.

All in all we only lost a good hour or so and since the weather was quite good we could spend some time outside the car.

Next up, the first stop for fuel.. Since the gas station only had Super95 i only took 20l or so.

By now i experienced that the alarm will go off after taking fuel .. The reason for this is that every time your car is closed and empty the volumetric alarm will turn on, even with the doors unlocked after 2 minutes. So by the time your done taking fuel and want to get back in your car, after opening the door the alarm will go off.

There are 2 ways to counter this, 1) lock your car after opening the flap hiding your fuel cap, this forces you to unlock and therefore disable your alarm. 2) (my favorite) open the rear door located next to the fuel cap while taking fuel. By keeping the door open the alarm will not arm.
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After that it was time to have some fun! The Autobahn cleared up completely and no speed limits and 4 lanes in every direction.

I pushed the car a bit more, but still staying below 3000rpm.

Now anyone that knows Germany knows two things: 1) no speed limits, 2) road works, lots of road works

This meant that i had to to learn the dimensions of the car the hard way, and by pushing myself to take over other cars by using the smaller left lane.

By the time i arrived near Stuttgart, it was time to refuel again.. This time i was more lucky and filled it up with super Racing 100.

After that i started pusing the car more and more, and man .. it was amazing :)

I played around with this GT3 and i can tell you now in full confidence, the macan will beat this car in a straight line. My wife did gave me 'the look' so after that i took it easy for some time ;)

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The day after we first spend some time in Seefeld, went to the Sauna / Spa and drove back home.

By now i discovered some of the 'issues' other people have been having like the inverted mirror when putting the car in reverse and the PCM suffering memory loss.

I noticed that when using remote sim access profile, your phone no longer has DATA. This sucks since i use data all the time for things like spotify.. So i changed the bluetooth profile back to handsfree.

I quite found out that when you get into your car the PCM actually loads from memory position 1, and the seat from memory position 'key'. Once i found that out and saved my PCM settings into 1, everything worked fine.

By the time we got back home this is what my odo looked like:

The car was now broken in completely .. i was able to drive it for long periods so everything heated up nice and easy. Could drive at various speeds, RPM's and gears.

The car is now ready to be used as a DD and it had only been one day since i picked it up from the dealership.

The next day (monday) i took it her the carwash before leaving on an other trip.

I also took my first '911' sport chrono picture, and i still have to smile every day when i'm in traffic and it's 9:11.

With the car all clean, it was time to leave to the Zandvoort track with my friends...

Arriving at the track, we arranged some BMW's for ourselves so we could go 'all crazy' without damaging our cars.

Now we promised ourselves we would not use our own cars on the track .. but as these things go .. that didn't take very long to change ;)

All in all we stayed there for 2 days and got ourselves a Racing licence at the same time .. By the time i got back home on tuesday evening the car had 2500km on it.

The day after my friend came by after taking delivery of his brand new M4... Footage of the Macan VS Bmw Drag race will soon be published !

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Fabulous write up MrSam! I'm loving all the photos of your travels around Germany - reminds me of last year when we spent 7 weeks touring Europe (we spent 4 night in Ghent). Anyway, keep the stories and photos coming!
Great report and photos @MrSam. I enjoyed reading it.
Great report and photos @MrSam. I enjoyed reading it.
+1 :)
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