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Australian Build Slots & Delivery Times

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Thought it would be good to keep track of the following for Australian orders, see how these are progressing with all the delays being reported globally.

Order Date: Start October 2021
Model: Macan GTS
Where: Sydney
Build Date Received: 16/3
Ship Departed:
Expected Delivery:
Mid June

Will update when I get more details.

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Have any fellow Aussies been advised that their upcoming orders will only come with manual steering column adjustment?

I鈥檝e been following the general discussion in the delivery thread, but interested to see did Australian orders are affected as I have not yet heard from my SA. Sadly, all mention of electronic steering column adjustment has been removed from the AU Porsche configuration in the comfort memory package.
I was informed regarding this issue before I placed an order (on 1 Feb). Yes it is sad but not a deal breaker. Most importanly, what else can I choose? Test drove the GLC 43 and X3 M40i and I was not satisfied.
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What didn鈥檛 you like about the X3 compared to the Macan?
I am driving a sedan so I feel all suvs are too high for me (but my wife loves to sit higher) and Macan is doing good with the sitting positon and centre of gravity.

X3 M40i is quick but it made my wife dizzy during full throttle acceleration. We guess the suspension is a bit soft so the cabin is rolling.

I think the 18 way sport seat on Macan is much more comfortable than the standard seat on X3 M40i. It is subjective anyway.

We do not like the X3 interior. Everything is too much, shapes, materials, colcours etc. while Macan is nice and clean. Another subjective thing of course.
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X3 M40i = I strangely found the B58 in my car to uninspiring. Sure it made power - but it was so linear in application that I felt it was missing some spark and character. The exhaust note wasn't great either. Had a little bit of pops and bangs but I just wasn't feeling it. Ultimately I didn't feel there was a point in revving the car out and it didn't get sharp enough in sport mode for me. If it was a 30i (non performance model) it would be great but as a performance SUV I didn't feel it justified the price.
Totally agree with you, I think the ZF8 makes the engine too smooth (someone may like it though)
My friend also ordered a GTS from another dealership on the same day and was told an ETA of Dec/Jan 2023.

Here is my spec
My friend in Adelaide placed an order on 29 Jan and was told an ETA of Sep.

I am in Sydney and placed an order on 5 Feb and was told an ETA of 31 Jan 2023.

Interestingly I visited another PC in Sydney around 20 Jan and was told an ETA of Oct.
Order Date: 5 February 2022
Model: Macan S
Where: Sydney
Estimated Build Date: was told September
Ship Departed:
Expected Delivery:
Was told 31 January 2023

Still dunno why so late
Friend in Adelaide ordered on 29 Jan and was given an ETA of Sep
SA from another shop gave me an ETA of Oct
That is good news for you :p
With the warranty extension, they offer you that prior to your stancard factory warranty expiring and the vehicle needs to be inspected to ensure you have satisfied all service requirements and any defects rectified before the renewal is accepted,. You then have a option of extending in 1 or 3 year periods ( 3 years is cheaper) and this process gets repeated for up to 15 years.
Unlike what happens in the US, our warranty is a genuine Porsche warranty not a third party product. I have used it and it is fantastic
Hope Porsche can offer 5 year warranty as standard...
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I think they're getting slowly dragged, kicking and screaming by the other big 3 luxury brands... With Audi offering 5 years now it's only a matter of time.

That said, if I had the option of an OEM 5 year warranty that cannot be extended vs. a 3 year warranty with up to 12 years of OEM extensions, I'd definitely take the latter. I say that because I'm not sure if the other big 3 offer the same 12 year extensions that Porsche Aus do.
I may prefer the former one as I don't think I will keep the car for 6 years long. Of course it is personal preference.

But I really don't think Porsche will just cancel the extensions as you still have to pay for it.
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We were going to get lane keeping assist and the pdls+ lights, which is no big deal, but we were thinking of changing the red seats back to black with red stitching, which changes the whole interior look.
It's alot of money to be, not getting what you want. Pretty disappointed to be honest
Yeah I think the biggest problem is your SA made the decision for you. It is your car your order so you have the right to know. It is nothing about money IMO.
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Just check with your SA. It appears Porsche updated the configurater today. ACC and power steering plus now appears to be standard, but looks like a steep increase. On my S its an extra AUD7 k.
****! It soars like a rocket! I knew there will be a increase but never expected that much
Any idea if this is for MY23, or a mid-year increase to MY22? Just wonder how would this impact those ordered/built...
I am pretty sure it is for MY23. Because if you click "print" on the page, the PDF you received states as Model Year 2023
Well I got that magic email today, we are on鈥︹..

The current completion date is 02/09/2022 with the car forecasted to arrive in Port Kembla 11/11/2022.鈥 :cool::cool::cool:
I am away on holidays for the next 3 months so it will come around pretty quick

Build code: The Porsche Code
Hi Beardy, may I please ask when and where you placed the order?
Were locking wheel nuts always on the configurator ? Listed for $110.00 but I can鈥檛 remember seeing them before (probably would have ordered them)...
No it wasn't there before until Porsche released the MY23 and refreshed the page
Thanks I didn't realise it was a widespread scam to pressure you to repurchase or miss out.
Where did you place the order? Did not your SA tell you the price will change?
I ordered from Doncaster in Feb, but was told at the time that I would be subject to the price increase when the model year changes over after May. Still yet to get an allocation but hoping it'll be in the next month or so.
Yes I was told the same thing when I placed my order in NSW.

I ordered in the first week of Feb and have not received an allocation as well.
Just heard my car is getting September production. Anyone know the rough lead time from production until it actually turns up?
You said you placed an order on 14 Feb. Can I ask which dealer you placed the order with? Thanks!
Porsche Melbourne (for a base)
Thanks for the info! I ordered 1 week before you in NSW and have not heard from the SA yet...
Is yours a Base too? The delivery times vary with models
Yes I am aware of that. I orderd an S
My SA was great at replying to questions, not so much on proactively updating me, shoot them an email! ;)
Yes so is mine. Will check with him. Thanks AusGeo!
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I just got a call from my SA letting me know that I will be getting a AUD$500 credit for the lack of electric steering column.

As far as I'm aware this is the first time I've heard this happening (so far) for Australian buyers.
WOW that is very interesting!

When did you place your order? Did your SA tell you that the electric steering column will be cancelled when you ordered it?
Order placed in Nov 21. He contacted me before my order locked in March 22 to say it was unlikely to have ESC and if I wanted to cancel my order (I didn't). Macan was built in May 22 and is currently off coast of Madagascar on way to Aus for July delivery.

SA contacted me randomly yesterday to advise he was doing ring around confirming again very unlikely to have ESC and if it's indeed missing Porsche Aus would be giving $500 discount to purchase price.
OK that makes more sense as you were not aware of that in Nov 21.

Some buyers in the US shared the similar experience but I have not heard it here in Aus so you are right maybe you are the lucky chosen one:LOL:

When I visited the dealership in late Jan I was told the ESC will be cancelled for any build after Jan and that was even before I showed my insterest in buying one...so I guess I won't be so lucky to have the reimbersement...
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