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I was planning to create a post after 5K miles, describing my experience with the Porsche Macan, but here we are at 7.5K miles. I took delivery of the car on 7/23/21 with 8 miles on it, and have done a lot of driving since then. Below are some thoughts for those considering a Macan and for the Porsche faithful who helped me arrive at a build that I am more than satisfied with.

Exterior - I love the look of the black on black, and the flat black paint versus Jet Black Metallic was a good choice for what I wanted. While there isn't much difference, there are no shiny, color flakes in the flat black. The spyders look excellent, but are difficult to clean, as many have noted. The only thing I've done to the outside (incl. ceramic coating entire car, wheels, calipers and exhaust tips) is switch out the side marker lights to a smoked light. I also tinted 5% around and 35% on front windshield. It looks mean. Sometimes I wish I would've gone with red or chalk, but I hope there are many more Porsches in my future to get lizard green, guards red etc. Yes, it is hard to keep clean but worth it.

Interior - I went with the additional black leather package and didn't make many changes. 18-way seats are comfy and snug, the sport chrono clock is red, and there is a small red sticker on the "sport response button". In my build, I added the ionizer just to fill up another button, so there is equilibrium in the cockpit. Without physical buttons, I don't see/understand the purpose of the ionizer as I don't notice anything different when it is turned on. Bose sound system is more than enough and the overall feel of the inside is simple yet elegant. Plently of trunk space and perfect if you have a medium sized dog. Not a ton of space in the front, but you get used to it. You can see and feel the quality of the stitching and leather throughout. Also, surround view is a game changer and a must have!

Performance - I am blown away by the versatility of this vehicle. It is a perfect road tripper or DD. "Normal" mode is perfect for every day driving (especially with my wife in the car). I find myself opening the exhaust valves whilst in normal mode to have more of a growl. Much of my driving is spent in Sport mode, and the GTS loves to show off taking it to 7000RPM. It's very easy for me to hit 80-100MPH without even thinking. Paddles are great, but love using the shifter even though it is inverted. I rarely use Sport+ but when I do, its usually because someone in a Honda SI is trying to dance with me on the highway 馃槀. There is definitely some turbo lag at times, but overall the PDK has lived up to its reputation of being one of the best. Quick, responsive, and the shifting sounds great. As it is fairly well known, Porsche really "undersells" their numbers. It doesn't feel like 375 HP, it feels like 400. Also, after a 1,000+ mile road trip, I averaged close to 24.5 MPG, with an average speed of 74MPH. I found this to be impressive especially considering some of the driving I did (e.g., FLOORING IT) throughout the trip. In my opinion, SC package and PTV+ are essential to take this car to the limit. The fasted I've reached is 142MPH. Thanks to this car, my adrenaline starts to kick in at 110MPH now, however I try to behave for the most part. Needless to say, this car is fast and certainly acts like a sports car when you want it to.

In summary, the '21 GTS is the perfect vehicle for me. The best of both worlds and certainly a fun car to drive around. I do get a lot of looks when I get out of the car that feel like "he must driving his dads car" but I embrace those. ;) I plan to have this as my DD for a while and add a Targa GTS a few years down the road. While I've put on a TON of miles in just 4 months, its worth every moment of driving this car. Never boring, even in traffic.

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I will chime in on my GTS which I have had for 4 months. Mine is silver which is great in that it doesn't show dirt like a lot of the other colors. I had my wheels redone in argent/machine front look, which for me works well against the silver paint. I love the look of it, yea it's an SUV but it is a work of art next to all the other SUV's. I love the front cockpit with all the switches-still learning what they all do! The 14 ways are great (could be a little softer). The rear seat area is an item Porsche should revamp the next redo. Kind of cramped even for shorter people. That being said and I told a friend that I didn't get it for the back seat. Overall I would definitely by another one, hopefully this one lasts a long time!
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