Set of four 21" factory wheels. Guy I bought them from told me they're in flawless condition and I bit on them sight unseen (sigh), they're certainly not perfect but I'd rate them 8/10. There are some light scratches on the spokes that seem like they'd buff out, a few rock chip dings, and one scrape on the lip about 1" long, otherwise they look great. I ended up finding another set of wheels I liked better so I'd prefer to pass these along. I haven't had a chance to clean them properly yet, but photos are representative of condition. Wheels are currently in Spokane but I am currently frequently traveling between Seattle, WA and Portland, OR so I could meet in any of these 3 metro areas, otherwise shipping would be $250-$350 depending on location. Never sold anything here but I have 19 years experience selling on ebay with not a single negative feedback ever across 494 sales so far.

21-inch Sport Classic wheels, painted in Black (high-gloss)
One-piece forged alloy wheel in 5-spoke Sport Classic design.

Painted in Black (high-gloss) with bright-polished surrounding trim, center caps in Black (high-gloss) with blacked out Porsche logo (seems likely the caps are aftermarket).

Wheel Size:
  • Front: 9 J x 21 RO 26
  • Rear: 10 J x 21 RO 19