My M4 is arriving in the next 2-3 weeks so I am listing my M3 for sale.

I picked up the car on Friday and it currently has 55 miles. Plastic is still installed on iDrive screen and other interior trim.

I wanted the M3 from the start, but it took nearly a year to get an allocation and they discontinued the Frozen Dark Gray color I really wanted. I was able to get an M4 allocation in July, and then 2 weeks later the M3 allocation came through. I kept both orders to see what showed up first, but I really only need one car.

My dealer has agreed to help facilitate the sale, so they can help with financing and transport (if needed).

The car is currently in Boulder, Colorado.

2023 M3 Comp xDrive
Brooklyn Grey
Full black leather
826M Bi-color
Executive Pkg
Parking Pkg
Laser lights
Shadowline lights
Interior CF trim
Ventilated seats
Drive recorder