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2022 S vs. GTS throttle response and low RPM torque (your input)?

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Just test drove a 2022 Macan S and and X3 M40i.
I loved everything about the Macan S EXCEPT the power of the engine and laggy throttle response.
There's not a lot of shove or push, even in sport mode.
In normal mode, forget about it...if you ever get caught in normal mode driving and try and punch it, nothing happens. You are screwed.

the X3 M40i engine and throttle response is amazing...but I don't like much else about it. Cheap feeling inside.

For those you have taken delivery of a 2022 GTS, do you also have the laggy throttle response that the S has?
Does it feel torquey or punchy even in comfort mode?

I can't test drive a GTS...if it has anywhere near the performance and immediacy of the B38 in the X3 M40i then I would order in a heart beat.
I wonder if the 2022 GTS throttle mapping is more aggressive than previous year's Turbo models.
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Have you tried pressing the accelerator quicker. I find the more you ease your way into the accelerator the less it responds. The faster you press it in 1/3, 1/2, 3/4 or Full throttle, it will give you a different response if you do it super fast versus slower.
I will try that, but it is still dumb! No, you but that a Porsche that drives like a boat, what next.
Lol I mean I am pretty dumb when it comes to Astro physics 😉 My stock 22 GTS drives amazing, they should hopefully have a tune out for your car soon if you are even interested in something like that.
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Lol lastly, I feel like Wahl asking the best question here, is your seat far enough forward? 😂

I have to adjust my seat from boots to vans sneakers by an inch or more.
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I tend to sit forward from my old days racing and instructing.
Man that sounds like fun! Let us know how the Pedal Commander goes!
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It was, you know how it rolls, you start out just going to track days, then you buy tires, and need a trailer for tires, then you buy a miata/951 and need a trailer for those... and then you weekends disappear, leave early Sat morning, get back late Sunday. I missed my family, so I started to get back into dirt bikes, I could go do that for a few hours and be home. It was fun, a lot of fun... and then it started to be work.
Lol you’ve been down the rabbit hole! I am now to the Macan GTS for the street, a RZR for the dirt with an aluminum trailer to tug it along. Sounds like you have it made to me!
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Responding to the post about 50mph and easing into the throttle without reaction/downshift. For me, at 50-55mph, in 7th and in comfort/regular mode, soon as I tip into the throttle, PDK grabs 6th. And, if I tip-in a bit firmer, not heavy input, it will grab 5th.

Before delivery, I was skeptical about PDK and even was set on buying PC or the like but I have to say, I’m very pleased with how PDK has been behaving. For normal commuting, I have yet to really see the need to engage Sport mode for PDK and throttle response reasons. I do have one gripe, PDK is a bit slow to react. My wife’s Audi A4 (DSG) is super quick, soon as you pull the paddle, it reacts without delay. PDK, in some gears, isn’t as quick. I’ve had a few cars with dual clutch so I have some experience. I’ll see if there’s a setting that the dealer can tweak for me. Lastly, while in regular/comfort mode, not a fan how PDK won’t shift into 1st unless you’re doing 1mph or stopped. Sport mode does engage 1st at lower speeds though.
The 22GTS shifts into first in Normal. It will even downshift for you if you come to a quick stop. They have tuned the models differently for sure.
At what speed does it shift into 1st while in normal mode? All the trims will downshift for you when you come to a quick stop. Not exactly sure what you’re referring to???
Roughly 4-5mph.

I mean a downshift as in riding the gear a little to assist you in stopping faster. Not coasting. Hope I’m making sense.

I’m use to downshifting and assisting me in Sport mode but not Normal mode.
Got it. I’ll do some more playing around like driving it in spirited fashion while while in normal mode and see if it will shift into 1st around 4-5mp

Yes, even in normal mode my S will down shift (engine braking with higher revs) when I attempt to quickly stop with decent amount of brake pressure.
The engine braking is new to me in the 22GTS in normal. My previous 18S did not do that in normal. From my understanding they tune the S and GTS different so we might be comparing apples to oranges in the sense of tuning.
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