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Hi all,

Coming up on 2 years with the Macan. It's kept outdoors. Every once in a while I would notice a seep stain on the lower front bumper under where the tow hook cap is. It was rare and often seemed to be after a rain so I figured it was just gunk from the tow hook area since the cap is off and I have a tow hook license plate.

A few weeks ago, I noticed the stain again but we had no rain and the car had been sitting for over a week. I had just did a complete wash a few days earlier so everything was clean. It's a clear, slightly greasy fluid with an smell that is hard to describe. Almost organic, like something rotting. It almost looks like brake fluid but so far in front of the bumper?

I've checked coolant and brake fluid levels and all seems well. I have an oil change coming up soon and will let the dealer know but for now, does anyone have any clues as to what can be behind this area? The radiator is in the general area, maybe it is seeping from there?

Today noticed this again about a week after I cleaned up the last drip. Again, the car has not been used and has been sitting for 2 weeks or so now.

It's coming out from between the lower front spoiler and the painted bumper.


Photos attached.

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