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Yeah I'll be having at least one panel replaced soon and I'll definitely run this by the installer as well, was just wondering if someone who's had the film for a while can attest to the scratches/scuffs just being something to get used to.

And I know that drying can lead to scratches, but I thought that part of having the film is that I wouldn't have to worry about the "AMMO Hydrate" routine I used to do on non-film-covered paint. That was kind of part of the appeal... and also I use an electric leaf blower to get about 70% of the water off as well. Hopefully I haven't done enough damage to warrant replacement... most of the scratches are on the hood/top fender so I guess it would just be the one panel... but it has yet to be exposed to temps over 55 anyway, probably not enough to worry about at this point.

Thanks for the response.
That’s interesting. My ppf is close to two years old. I’ve only had the car for a little over a month myself but have washed it 4 times by hand and have not noticed any type of scratches or anything like that from my washings (or prior washings as the film itself is in good shape). The only two scratches that I think are permanent are pretty deep and were definitely not caused by washing. So I don’t think getting scuffs or light scratches from washing is normal. Something seems off if that’s what’s happening.

The only reason I’m having a couple panels redone is because they didn’t properly prep some old rock chips before applying the ppf and they are on the hood and front bumper. Those are focal points so I’m having that fixed because I see it and it bothers me. Haha
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