Reluctantly selling my 2015 S with almost 96,000 miles. I'm the 2nd owner, purchased it in December 2019 with 65k miles from previous owner. Car was CPO'ed (expired in March 2021) by Champion Porsche in FL. Have had many VW's and Audi's over the years so very familiar with VAG offerings. The Macan was certainly an attainable dream car, and moving onto a Porsche was quite a natural progression. Still remember coming across this gem in a sea of other Macan listings. It was spec'd out like a GTS, but priced competitively to other S models. Needless to say, it was a no brainer. I flew down to FL and drove it back to PA New Years Eve 2019. Never imagined a scenario where I'd have to sell it this soon, and especially not under current conditions (divorce).

Service Performed Under Ownership:
  • OEM rotors and pads all around @ 65k
  • OEM spark plugs @ 70k
  • OEM air filter and cabin filter @ 70k
  • Liquid Moly + OEM filter every 10k miles
Timing Cover Leak:
It does suffer from the dreaded timing cover bolts leak. I knew about it during my PPI. Immediately took it to the dealer after buying it. Dealership gave me the run around and said it wasn't leaking enough to be covered under CPO. Told me to come back when it got worse. I would have been more assertive, but this was at the height of COVID, and I couldn't be without a car for an extended period of time. To be fair, it never got any worse. I have never seen a drop on my garage floor, even after removing the belly pan. I religiously check my oil level and it stays consistent between oil changes. My original plan was going to bring it in to have the 2-bolt fix applied out of pocket. I was quoted $750. Now that I'm selling the car, I will let the next owner decide how to proceed. I have adjusted the asking price to reflect this repair.

Transfer Case:
I have never experienced any issue with the transfer case. With that said, I had the dealer inspect it right before my CPO ran out anyway. I even tried to describe a few of the common symptoms just to see if they would go ahead and replace it for peace of mind. Unfortunately, or fortunately, they wouldn't do anything because they were not able to reproduce any of the common issues and gave it a clean bill of health. This inspection was performed in March 2021.

Wear and Tear:
This was my daily so unfortunately, there are signs of wear. There are some door nicks and shopping cart dings which I have detailed in the photos. The entire front is wrapped in PFF which has definitely done its job. However, it also show signs of wear. No yellowing at all which is a testament to having used quality film. Also, B-pillars suffer from the common clear coat wear/fade.


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Car's never been in an accident or have had any body or paint work done. PA title is clean and clear in my name, no lien. Comes with all manuals and 2 key fobs (1 brand new). Asking $29,500. Feel free to hit me up with questions or offers at 717-900-9329.