I’d really like this car to go to a VW/GTI, or like-minded enthusiast; someone who will appreciate it for what it is, as I have for the past 11 years. Below are the pertinent points:
  • Two-door
  • Carbon Steel Gray Metallic paint
  • OE VW “Detroit” alloy wheels
  • Plaid cloth seats (base car original equipment), all in excellent condition – the rear seat has probably been used less than a dozen times.
  • It truly is a base car – its only option is the DSG (automatic transmission). However, it also came with all-weather Monster Mats and the VW CarGo system. (The original carpet mats have barely been used.)
  • One owner – I took delivery of it new on 3/28/2012. It’s only ever been adult-driven.
  • As of this writing (on 4/24/2023), the car has 66,290 miles on it, an average of just over 6,000 miles per year
  • Other than the engine oil and transmission fluid filters (both always VW OEM ones used as replacements), and the battery, tires, wiper blades, serpentine belt and tensioner (), and PCV/oil separator assembly (*), the car is completely unmodified, untouched, 100% factory stock. It even still has its factory-original brake pads all around, and all with a fair amount of lining material still remaining.
(* The belt tensioner is from manufacturer INA. INA is an OE suppler to VW.)

(** While there was nothing wrong with the original PCV/oil separator assembly, since these units have a somewhat regular failure rate after about 60,000 miles, I replaced it as a preventive measure. I kept the OE VW one and will give it to the car’s buyer if they want it.)
  • I am a retired auto mechanic, and automotive repair training program developer and instructor, and still ASE Certified. Other than its first three yearly maintenance services (which were provided free by VW, at the dealer from which I purchased the car), and one subsequent oil change (also performed at a VW dealer), it has been meticulously maintained and cared for by me (no one else/no shop) in strict accordance (or better) with its factory-recommended maintenance schedule/intervals. I have the documentation related to virtually all of its maintenance services, to give to its buyer. The only “major” repair it’s ever received was replacement of its HVAC case, under warranty, in June 2015, for noisy mode door operation, caused by warpage of the case. It also had its water pump replaced per a VW recall, in September, 2015, at 29,925 miles. The only other service it’s ever had done in a shop was a 4-wheel alignment, performed in August, 2022, at 65,415 miles.
  • Four new tires were installed (Kumho Majesty Solus) less than 10 miles before the above-mentioned alignment. As of this writing, they have less than 900 miles on them.
  • New battery installed September, 2022
  • New OTTO-brand premium wiper blades installed, in December, 2022
  • Its yearly oil change was just recently performed, on 3/25/2023, at 66,219 miles.
  • The car’s tank has only ever been filed with Top Tier, 93 octane premium fuel.
  • The car has been garage-kept for all but six months.
  • The car still even retains a bit of its “new-car-smell.”
  • Both key fobs (and valet key, and a brand-new, never-used lovely VW key ring) are included. Also included: The original window sticker; all the original glovebox candy (owner’s manual, warranty booklet, other miscellaneous paperwork, etc.); all original trunk items (jack, key for the locking lug bolts, lug bolt cover removal tool, etc. – the spare tire and jack have never been removed from the trunk); the original front license plate frame, still in its sealed poly bag; all service records and other related paperwork (including a mint-condition 2012 VW GTI brochure). Also included: A VW-Group-dedicated Xtool scanner, that I purchased and used for measuring transmission fluid temperature while performing its 40,000-mile DSG service.
Minor issues (not to be unexpected on an 11-year-old vehicle):
  • Some stone chips on front bumper and hood. Most are small.
  • Some minor scratches on top of rear bumper cover
  • One small ding on left quarter panel
  • One scratch very low on the right of the front bumper cover – it is basically not noticeable; you have to look for it to see it.
  • Three of the wheels contain spots of very minor curb rash; one slightly more than the other two
  • A few minor scuffs on a few of the interior panels
  • The headliner is sagging in spots.
  • The hood insulation pad is sagging at right rear.
  • Lastly, when the car was less than a year old, despite my lengthy horn blast, a “senior citizen” gently backed into it while I was stopped at a traffic light. There was no structural/mechanical damage from this, but the front bumper cover was cracked beyond repair and required replacement. The replacement bumper cover is OE VW. Its paint match to the rest of the car is perfect. I have the collision repair shop paperwork for review from a perspective buyer.
In summary, beyond the issues mentioned directly above, there probably isn’t a nicer, cleaner, unmolested, lower-mileage-for-its-age, two-door MK VI GTI out there. Please let me know if you have any questions, or need more information and/or more specific photos (I have many more photos available than the 10 you will see here, which did not post in the order I intended).

I’m asking $13,600.00 for the car. Thanks for reading!