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Got an update from my SA yesterday that my 23 GTS has been delayed again. ☹

I'm now looking at a November arrival, instead of an early October time-line.
On the plus side, the car is now actually built, and apparently no issue with the BOSE system.

Interestingly, the "actual date" for "delivery date determined" changed from 05/25 to 07/28. I thought those were fixed once entered.
I expect this and see it as the modern norm. My last car faced a one month delay after the boat sank. At first they halted all cars at the port about to leave . They then changed their mind after about 2v weeks . Original date was March 11 and took delivery April 4 . My current Macan locked early . We'll see how it goes . I tried to avoid it with Burmeister but recently someone asked about it . She has not returned to update (I wonder why ) . Hang in there . It was one of the reasons I also didn't buy my upcoming car . Going through the process . once was hard but twice is too much .
41 - 42 of 42 Posts