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  1. Electronics
    Not sure if folks have used this product yet, but I searched and did not see any hits. Got the Carlinkit 2.0 wireless Apple CarPlay adapter for my 2017 Macan today and I have to say it works amazingly. Completely plug and play -- it doesn't require any modification of the head unit or taking...
  2. Electronics
    I love having CarPlay, but I don't love the bugs. I have an iPhone 6 with the latest iOS update and also I have completely flattened my iPhone and rebuilt it (without restoring an old OS build) to be sure it's running essentially a fresh install. I'm using an Apple-branded lightning cable...
  3. Electronics
    Okay so here it is. I spent a very long time deliberating, researching and finally acting on adding CarPlay to my 2016 Macan Turbo. I love the car. It's fantastic. I have and have had so many Porsche models i can't recount. The problem here is my Macan was missing something not could not be...
1-3 of 3 Results