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  1. Macan Parts
    I have a used, but in fantastic shape, Porsche Macan sunshade that will fit 2014 to 2019 models. Still have Porsche sunshade sleeve to put it in! Bought off Suncoast, but the Macan has been sold. Selling for $20 + shipping unless you are local for pickup in Dallas, TX.
    $20 USD
  2. Macan Parts
    3 year old sunshade including storage bag $50 (plus shipping)
  3. California
    Hi, a rock hit my windshield driving on the highway. It hit the left, driver's side edge and then a hairline crack grew to about 1.5 ft. I'm 95% sure the windshield needs to be replaced. My dealership is quoting $1350, but I have Geico for insurance and they are stating that they'll cover less...
1-3 of 3 Results