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  1. Modifications
    Will you spring for the Cobb Tune Accessport and risk voiding your Porsche warranty, or will you go for the JB4 piggyback and gain the ability to disconnect it for every dealership visit?
  2. Porsche Macan Recalls & Warranty
    Hi, I'm wondering if anyone has experience with a warranty claim regarding the seat stitching. Here is my seat: I've reached out to my service contact, and wanted to know if anyone has had a similar thing resolved.
  3. Porsche Macan Recalls & Warranty
    Anybody have any experience with Porsche trade in assistance program when you purchase a new vehicle with lots of issues. Any experience and tips
  4. Electronics
    My PCM died a few weeks ago. It began rebooting every 10-15 seconds. Fast forward to today. Dealer is, as we type, replacing it with a new unit and trying to load the nav disks. I just spoke with my SA who said they can't get beyond disk 3 because it keeps throwing an error. No visual...
  5. Porsche Macan Recalls & Warranty
    Over the last couple of months, I have been reading a ton of threads on Extended Warranties and have done extensive research. The information below is not to debate whether one should or should not buy one but rather, if you decide to buy one, how and where to proceed: I called 4 local...
  6. Porsche Macan Dealers & Pricing
    I've been eyeing Macans for a long time and found one local on Craigslist with my preferences and I'd love to get your advice since this is my first Porsche and a big investment for me. It's a black S with 49K miles, sunroof, keyless start, black, private party seller. No accidents per the...
  7. Canada 🇨🇦
    It looks like Porsche just announced they will be extending warranties on all transfer cases for the Macan in the USA. See photo. I am having the shuddering issue on my 2015 Macan and am wondering if this extended Unlimited Mileage warranty for up to 7 years of in service date is also valid here...
  8. Porsche Macan Recalls & Warranty
    Hi Macan Forum! I have a 2017 Macan S with 21,500 miles. I picked it up last year (Summer 2019) with 14,000 miles. It has factory warranty remaining until March 2021. My question is this -- should I consider taking any extra steps or adding an extended warranty (while I can under the...
  9. Deliveries 😁
    Not looking for long discussions about whether or not these are worthwhile to buy or not. There s/b other threads on these add on items. Just want a list. I know about: Wheel & Tire Insurance PPF/clear bra Window tint Maintenance plan All weather floor mats What else might they spring on me...
  10. Appearance and Body
    Hi everyone, need some advice and thoughts. just purchased a 2014 Macan second hand. Have noticed there is a significant amount of surface rust along either side of the roof where it connects to the frame of the vehicle near the water channel. It’s front and back both sides. I have spoken to...
  11. Wheels, Tires and Suspension
    As it seems the speedometer in the Macan is reading fast. I was pretty certain that the speed indicated was faster than actual, so I pulled out the portable GPS and measured the speed vs. the Macans readout. The error is not exactly linear, but at the usual speeds we travel on highways its...
1-11 of 11 Results