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  1. New Build Critiques
    Hi all, new member to the forum and in the process of ordering my first Porsche here in New Zealand. I currently drive a Mercedes C43 AMG (sedan) and was looking to upgrade to the "do it all" daily. I have decided on a 22 Porsche Macan GTS as I find it fits the bill perfectly. Here is my build...
    Hello Macan Community! Many of you have probably noticed my comments on threads, especially in the classifieds section where I would frequently advertise high-quality pre-owned parts, primarily wheels. For those of you I've had the pleasure of working with in the past; Welcome! I welcome you...
  3. Deliveries
    Hi everyone, spent about 9 months here on the forums (mostly lurking), but happy to say that my 21 GTS has FINALLY arrived! Back Story: I'm a Porsche Fanatic and already have a '15 Cayman GTS which is my pride and joy. About 12 months ago I started looking for a new daily drive, budget varied...
1-3 of 3 Results