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  1. Porsche Macan Pictures 📷
    Just installed my AWE Touring exhaust and wow. This really wakes up both the car and neighbors. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Macan. But this just gives it more of a kick, and it sounds wicked. Lots of crackles and pops and a really aggressive deep tone when compared to stock.
  2. Macan Parts
    Considering swapping out these wheels on my 2023 Macan S. 20 inch Macan Sport in Satin Platinum.Mint condition, 50 miles (just took delivery). Exploring offers to buy and trade (from Macan III only). Would like to trade for the Macan T 20s in Vesuvius Grey. Also, curious what everyone thinks...
    $4,500 USD
  3. New Build Critiques
    Hi all, new member to the forum and in the process of ordering my first Porsche here in New Zealand. I currently drive a Mercedes C43 AMG (sedan) and was looking to upgrade to the "do it all" daily. I have decided on a 22 Porsche Macan GTS as I find it fits the bill perfectly. Here is my build...
    Hello Macan Community! Many of you have probably noticed my comments on threads, especially in the classifieds section where I would frequently advertise high-quality pre-owned parts, primarily wheels. For those of you I've had the pleasure of working with in the past; Welcome! I welcome you...
  5. Deliveries 😁
    Hi everyone, spent about 9 months here on the forums (mostly lurking), but happy to say that my 21 GTS has FINALLY arrived! Back Story: I'm a Porsche Fanatic and already have a '15 Cayman GTS which is my pride and joy. About 12 months ago I started looking for a new daily drive, budget varied...
1-6 of 6 Results