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  1. Porsche Macan Dealers & Pricing
    It seems that there's no better place for me to ask this question than this forum. I am looking at purchasing a used 2017 Macan S with 76,500 miles. I have looked at nationwide options and taking into account the car + options, potential delivery fees, mileage, and where I would buy the car...
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hi I am an aspiring Macan owner. This would be my first Porsche and I cant wait to drive it. I have been searching for a used 2017, 2018 Macan S for quite a while now. Up until recently, I could only find a 2017 Macan S under my budget. But when I expanded my search filter to Nationwide, I...
  3. Macan General Discussion Forum
    Hey Folks, Hopefully everyone is staying safe in this unprecedented time. I recently have decided to take up a new job role for which I will have to relocate outside the country for a year. I own a Macan S 2018 which has only 15000 miles on it. I am still not able to decide whether to keep it...
1-3 of 3 Results