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  1. Wheels, Tires and Suspension
    New wheels finally fitted, had to order in conical seated extended lugs. HRE FF10 in Tarmac Squared 22x10.5" ET35 setup 10mm spacer in the front, 20mm in the rear Pirelli Scorpion Zero A/S Plus 295/30R22 No rubbing, lowered it even more than I had previously. Question: for those running 22s...
  2. Macan Parts
    Beautiful powder coated to match my 2017 Volcano Grey Macan GTS. They are a gorgeous satin gun-metal grey. Absolutely perfect wheels, zero rash. Porsche OEM wheels with color-matched hubs and TPMS. Tires are Michelin Latitude Alpin (winter-snow) 265/45 20 (front) and 295/40 20 (rear). 9mm...
    $3,395 USD
  3. Wheels, Tires and Suspension
    Has anyone else had this happen? Earlier this week the yellow tire pressure warning light came on. The TPMS claims all four tires are a bit low (~1 psi) but the passenger rear tire is the one on the graphic that it's trying to warn me about. The fill display says it needs a few PSI (I forget...
  4. Macan Parts
    I bought these ITM TPMS for my new wheels (still backordered) in bulk off of ebay. The model # is 08016D. They are all brand new & never used. Since I will only need 4, I have 3 pairs (6 units total) that I don't need and am thinking of sharing the savings with this forum. ebay lowest price...
1-4 of 4 Results