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  1. Electronics
    Excuse me if someone else has asked the same question. I would like to add a subwoofer. However I do not want to change anything else. Other than adding the required parts. Sub, Amps, some type of control unit to retain steering wheel controls and full PCM functions etc. I JUST NEED MORE...
  2. Electronics
    Hello all, Fairly new to this forum. I have looked around countless threads but could not find my problem addressed anywhere. I live in Canada, and currently own a 2015 Macan S. The car is equipped with the standard PCM sound system (no fancy Bose or Burmester option) which sounds great in...
  3. Electronics
    I previously posted in the ‘Upgrades to CDR+?’ thread that I greatly improved the base audio in my 2016 Macan S by installing a Memphis Audio 10” powered subwoofer. It is true that the system sounded a whole lot better with the addition of the sub, but after listening to the upgraded sound...
1-3 of 3 Results