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  1. Engine and Technical Discussion
    Hello everyone, Maybe someone can assist here as I am wondering if this is normal or a problem. I just purchased a 2018 S 51k miles. I noticed that when in sport mode there is no audible difference in engine / muffler sound EXCEPT when decelerating around transmission moves from 4 to 3 there are...
  2. Macan Parts
    Hey Guys, Looking to sell my stock '16 turbo exhaust with black sport tips for $600. Local pickup only in So Cal (92618).
  3. Macan Parts
    Limited storage in my condo so looking to move these 21" Sport Classics that are in great shape (all 4 wheels had curb rash but each was repaired). Only a few small imperfections which I’ve shared pictures for (hard to see without getting close up and zooming in). While the tires should be...
1-3 of 3 Results