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  1. Interior
    Hi Guys, my second hand dial on the analog clock on the dash was bent, broken, fallen off. Browsing the internet gave me two results: 1. Buy one off ebay for 300 Bucks and wait until it also breaks 2. Go to the dealer ... we know how that ends Now, I've found a drywall anchor on my workbench...
  2. Electronics
    Just got my 2023 Macan S with PASM on air and the sport chrono package. However, I just noticed this morning that the car does not have a sport or sport+ button on the center console. Is this normal? I do have the dial on my steering wheel though.
  3. Ordering and Features Questions
    Hello, I am getting the general feeling that those with SC on the Macan rarely ever utilize it commonly citing impractical gear mapping for everyday use in Sport+ mode and the one-trick pony that is launch control. With that said, some questions: Is there a cooldown period after pressing the...
1-3 of 3 Results