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  1. Engine and Technical Discussion
    Hello everyone, Maybe someone can assist here as I am wondering if this is normal or a problem. I just purchased a 2018 S 51k miles. I noticed that when in sport mode there is no audible difference in engine / muffler sound EXCEPT when decelerating around transmission moves from 4 to 3 there are...
  2. Electronics
    I apologize in advance for a new thread on this, but there was a note on the old threads saying they were old and someone might one to start a new one to get input. I am taking delivery of a 2022 Macan S in about four weeks. It's built and will be on the next ship from Emden to Jacksonville. I...
  3. Electronics
    Background There is a single posting here with measurements taken via in-ear microphone. You can find it here. The aim of this post is to take a deeper dive into the objective performance of the Bose system. I have too many measurements to share here, but I can send a link with the full files...
1-3 of 3 Results