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  1. Complaints
    I have a problem with the driver's and passenger's seat, when I press the button to move the seat, the seat moves for 1 second and then stops, to move the seat further I have to press the same button again and again, this happens with all the buttons on the driver's and passenger's side. In...
  2. Interior
    Hello. I was wondering if anyone had any denim or jean stains on their leather seats? I have a beige interior and the accounting lady offered insurance for the seats saying denim stain was common?
  3. Ordering and Features Questions
    Hi all, I am ordering a 2020 Macan and thinking whether I should get the default Alcantara seat or Partial Leather Seats. I have heard the alcantara wears out easily. Can any owner share your experience? For partial leather seats, can I know which part is made of leather and what the other part...
1-3 of 3 Results