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  1. Wheels, Tires and Suspension
    Just wanted to get some opinions on the attached photo. Basically there is a fairly deep ledge on my driver side rotor. I have not encountered this issue before but I assume it would indicate a malfunctioning caliper piston causing only the upper brake pad to engage. I will be dropping it off at...
  2. Wheels, Tires and Suspension
    Just had my 2017 Macan serviced, the technician called and reminded me to replace the brake paddle and the rotor. I am so surprised, the brake paddle maybe it's time to replace, but the rotor?? Mine mileage is only 38K, and the rotor already needs to be replaced? But the answer from the...
  3. Wheels, Tires and Suspension
    Hi Folks, I just had my 2015 Macan S serviced for a CPO warranty issue related to a blown front door woofer. As per normal process, they did a full inspection of the vehicle. I had my front and rear brakes serviced at an indy shop three months ago with a full rotor/pad replacement. The indy...
1-3 of 3 Results