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  1. Electronics
    Macan 2015 Turbo with PDLS. Car is on extended Porsche warranty. Enquired with Porsche spare parts about updating to LED headlights P/N 95B 044 900 91 (LHS drive) Was told this was only possible for 2016 + models. Searching this forum suggests it may be possible to do this on a 2015 model...
  2. Modifications
    Hello all, Own a 2020 Base 2.0 Macan Gen II and love adding bits and bobs every now and then. Recently upgraded some body work such as the painted rear valance and side blades and was looking for some other mods to do. My question is can you retrofit any of the following as I would love to...
  3. Electronics
    Some good news if you want to retrofit your car with Apple CarPlay - OEM Porsche solution is here: Porsche Classic Communication Management systems - Porsche AG Apparently these only fit classic cars: 986 (1997-2002) 996 (1998-2005) 914 (1970-1976), 911 F (1965-1973), 911 G (1974-1989), 964...
1-3 of 3 Results