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  1. Macan Vehicle Sales
    Hi guys, long time member here. Sadly, I have to sell my beloved Macan GTS . I’m the original owner and bought it new configured to order. The vehicle is owned outright and has approximately 53,500 km on the odometer or just over 33k miles for our neighbours south of the border. This vehicle...
    $67,950 CAD
  2. Macan Vehicle Sales
    Looking to sell my 2019 Macan S which is in excellent condition for $63,000 with approx. 5,900 miles. Garaged at both home and work. Located in the DC area. For those of you curious, here is the cost of a new build. Pretty good savings. Build code...PLGEA3L0 The Porsche Code Tastefully...
1-2 of 2 Results