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  1. Canada
    Hello all! I'm hoping someone might be able to give me some advice regarding how I should prepare to store my macan for about 6 weeks outdoors in Hamilton, Ontario. I'll be heading back to Ireland for this time so the car will be outdoors. I'm not used to snowy winters or leaving a car outside...
  2. California
    I‘m taking delivery of a new Macan next week (Volcano Grey Metallic) and seems like a good idea to have it ceramic coated right away. I‘ve got one quote so far. Does this seem reasonable? Any recommendations in LA/Hollywood? Ceramic Pro Burbank and Silverlake Auto Detail seem to have the best...
  3. Other
    For sale is a custom Canvasback cargo liner that fully covers the 1) the cargo area, 2) the backs of the rear seats (for protection when laid down), 3) the side walls of the cargo area, and 4) the paint and surface below the tailgate of the Macan. The liner is fitted to the 1st gen Porsche...
1-3 of 3 Results