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  1. Electronics
    My PCM died a few weeks ago. It began rebooting every 10-15 seconds. Fast forward to today. Dealer is, as we type, replacing it with a new unit and trying to load the nav disks. I just spoke with my SA who said they can't get beyond disk 3 because it keeps throwing an error. No visual...
  2. Complaints 🤬
    HELP! I have a 2016 Macan, when the turn signal is activated, left or right, the PCM goes black. How do I make it stop?! TIA for any recommendations.
  3. Modifications
    This is my first post on this forum. Been a Macan owner for a year now. I was looking for all the available options or I would say a better way, to connect my phone to the car. After much looking around, I came across the integration unit from JoyeAuto which was used by the YouTuber AutoAmature...
1-3 of 3 Results