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  1. Deliveries
    My family and I ordered this Papaya 2022 GTS back in November 2021 and got an allocation in the same month. She arrived at the dealership today after only 4 months! Porsche Centre Markham and Nicholas Su have been a joy to work with throughout the months. The pics below were taken by Nicholas...
  2. California
    Is there anyone in Los Angeles, CA who owns a 2022 Macan in the Papaya Metallic color? I'd be happy to see how it looks in a real life if you don't mind. I've ordered mine (delivery date is May 2022) but still not sure if I should keep this color.
  3. New Build Critiques
    First off. This forum is incredibly helpful and its amazing that there is actually a site dedicated to this particular car - The Porsche Macan. I am close to pulling the trigger on 2022 Porsche Macan S. I can‘t believe how my budget keeps increasing but I am trying to keep options to what I...
1-3 of 3 Results