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  1. California
    I need to have a curb rash repaired on a satin platinum RS Spyder. Any recommendations for a shop in LA to do the work? Thanks.
  2. California
    I‘m taking delivery of a new Macan next week (Volcano Grey Metallic) and seems like a good idea to have it ceramic coated right away. I‘ve got one quote so far. Does this seem reasonable? Any recommendations in LA/Hollywood? Ceramic Pro Burbank and Silverlake Auto Detail seem to have the best...
  3. Appearance and Body
    I gave my Macan to a friend to test drive it. He came to Atlanta and was so excited to test out my set up(Cobb tune/Throttle booster/Awe Tuning). I like to be in sport plus mode with my throttle booster and the car to be in sport mode when I drive it. Unfortunately, that was so sensitive for him...
  4. Western Canada
    Hello! I’m a new member here. I just bought a Macan gts and would like to have it protected with ceramic coat and 3M film. Is there any shops in Edmonton that you guys would recommend to get the above jobs done? appreciate your recommendation in advance!
1-4 of 4 Results