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  1. Electronics
    Is there a way to see the next turn on the navigation system on the main dashboard screen? I have a 2021 Macan. When navigating a route, there is an arrow and the distance to the next turn, but until I am less than 2 miles from the next step, I can't find a way to see the what the next turn...
  2. Europe
    you can help and point the page, link to download maps for Macan from 2016, maps for Central and Western Europe 2022
  3. Electronics
    I bought the Macan in Europe and shipped it to the US. The dealerships in Dallas charge $1200 to update the navigation system to put the US maps in there. A lot of money for an option that is already in there. That's why I'd like to get Apple CarPlay. I asked to get an Apple CarPlay upgrade but...
  4. Electronics
    Has anyone able to get their real time traffic working with your NAV? I called the PCM customer service and they said it is not eligible in Canada. I think it's not true since I've seen people from Rennlist able to get access to the real time traffic in Canada. Please see this link: Porsche...
  5. Electronics
    My PCM died a few weeks ago. It began rebooting every 10-15 seconds. Fast forward to today. Dealer is, as we type, replacing it with a new unit and trying to load the nav disks. I just spoke with my SA who said they can't get beyond disk 3 because it keeps throwing an error. No visual...
  6. Electronics
    Several months ago the nav stopped working in my 2020 Macan and the message on the screen read, "Navigation data is invalid." I pointed this out when I took the vehicle in for its 10,000 mile service. The service department said they'd never seen this error message. Apparently, navigation and...
1-6 of 6 Results