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  1. Appearance and Body
    I just found this front lip for the new gen 3 Macan while I was searching online for mods. Just wanted to see what you guys think of it and if you would buy it for your new GTS. I'm afraid it might be "too much" so I don't know if I would but am curious to see what your opinions are. Also, if...
  2. Modifications
    Received my Pedal Commander from Flat6 today. Install was easy but cramped. Threaded the cable out under the steering column and velcroed the holder just below and to the right of the column. Syncing to the app was fast. The results are extremely satisfying. The range of pedal sensitivity...
  3. Modifications
    There was so much potential on 22 macan ambient light but looks like Porsche didnt even care about it. The footwell lights are pathetic so dim and so are the led strips on door panel . I wanted to increase the brightness for footwell lights and change entire interior ambient lights to blue...
1-3 of 3 Results