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  1. Other
    For Sale - $350 free shipping within US. Used JB4 ($479 msrp) with bluetooth dongle ($149 msrp) installed. Information below from burger tuning and installation instructions included (easy diy). Power gains range from 50hp up to 75hp / 70tq up to 90tq. Professionally packaged, processed quickly...
    $350 USD
  2. Modifications
    Seems like my GTS can’t come soon enough. I’ve thought about some day 1 mods that I may want to have ready to go: 1) Blendmount for radar detector (V1 Gen 2 I already own) 2) Pedal Commander (seems like a very popular mod on the forum) 3) Painted key side panels to match the exterior and key...
  3. Modifications
    I bought the K&M filters and now my car is bogging. The dealership recommended me to put the original filters back in to possibly fix the situation. Has anyone else have this problem?
  4. Modifications
    Hello everyone! I recently bought a 2015 Macan S and added a handful of modifications to make it faster and sound better. I was wondering if anyone has thought about or knows if you are able to add a single BIG turbo or two bigger turbos. I’m sure this would take some custom tubing but is it...
1-4 of 5 Results