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  1. Macan Vehicle Sales
    2017 CPO Porsche Macan S (UNICORN) Upgraded GTS Body kit + GTS Tail Lights PDLS Headlights OEM Black Spyder Wheels Black Muffler Tips 20% Tints All Around Black Roof Rails Red Calipers CLEAN TITLE VIN: WP1AB2A54HLB16573 CPO until March 2023, covers Unlimited Mileage Located in Boston, MA...
    $35,500 USD
  2. Accidents 😧
    Hi, I got in a car accident couple of weeks ago and i was wondering how much it would cost me to repair just the internal parts on my macan out of pocket just by looking at it? I found parts for the exterior of the car already just need to know what the estimate might be if i were to hire...
  3. Porsche Macan Dealers & Pricing
    Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum, so I apologize if I'm asking a repeated question. I test drived a beautiful 2021 Macan loaner with premium-plus package and about 1K mileage. I'm skeptical about the loaner cars because of the multiplicity of drivers and the possibility that a driver may...
  4. Ordering and Features Questions
    Hi all, was recommended this website from a user on Reddit. I'm from California and in the market for a Macan. I understand that the Macans from 2015-2018 have quite a few issues (front suspension control arms, oil leak, timing cover leaking, transfer case needing replacement, etc) My question...
  5. Engine and Technical Discussion
    That's a new record for us . I have never changed them on any of my 911 and even my Boxster had original pads at 28K . My Cayenne made it to 30K and so did my E92 M3 . Traffic has been bad for my wife's commute so stop and go been the norm for her . I am hoping its just the front pads but will...
  6. Complaints 🤬
    I have a 2015 Macan Turbo and have been very happy with the car. Midnight Blue, highly optioned. However, 3 months ago the air conditioning stopped working. A trip to the dealer revealed a failed evaporator coil. Cost to replace and install a new one, $5500 (I recently replace the HVAC unit...
  7. Deliveries 😁
    Just received my new 4-wheeled babe 😁
  8. Macan Vehicle Sales
    Year: 2016 Model: Macan Turbo Miles: 63,xxx Color: Night Blue Metallic Interior: Garnet Red/Black Accidents: None CPO: Warranty through 12/1/2023 Service: Full 60k mile service and oil change completed; no issues at al Wheels/Tires: 21" Black Sport Classics/Michelin Latitude Sport 3 (6/32")...
    $43,000 USD
  9. Other
    Willing to ship. Bought from flat6motorsports. Used in my 2018 Macan. PCM 4.0 2016-2019 needed. Product Details This new Porsche Macan convenience module from Niche Technologies adds a list of modern features to your vehicle, giving it the most functionality possible all in a plug-and-play...
    $325 USD
  10. Electronics
    Hi All, I wanted to get some help/advice for my Macan and specifically the USB/SIM/SD hub located inside the arm rest console. The front plastic piece has come apart from the main unit behind it. I am struggling to clip the front piece back to the unit behind it. It doesn't look like any of the...
  11. Modifications
    Brand new Macan (no pasm) with 1000km now. First time going down a not so steep parking lot and felt the car shuddering downhill . I installed the h&r springs yesterday, but I doubt it’s causing this.. yet im sure the dealership will pin it on that. anyone noticed this ?
  12. Macan Vehicle Sales
    60,000 miles, maintenance up to date, 3m clear, great color combination and highly optioned
    $46,999 USD
  13. User Reviews
    I’ve put on about 500 miles now since delivery this past Thursday. Here are my initial thoughts. Really enjoying the car so far. Much more practical than the Mustang GT I had previously and much more comfortable for my long commute. Looking forward to many more miles with it! Build Quality -...
  14. Events and Meets
    Would anyone be interested in a Utah Porsche car meet up? We could post all of our cities and determine the best meetup and cruise to spot, etc… If anyone in Utah is interested please comment below. I was wanting to do Macan’s only but including all Porsche, and cool car friends is fine...
  15. Porsche Macan Dealers & Pricing
    Delete please.
  16. User Reviews
    Just test drove a 2022 Macan S and and X3 M40i. I loved everything about the Macan S EXCEPT the power of the engine and laggy throttle response. There's not a lot of shove or push, even in sport mode. In normal mode, forget about it...if you ever get caught in normal mode driving and try and...
  17. West
    Prestige Imports is charging an arm and a leg - anyone know of a reliable indie shop that can do body work?
  18. Macan General Discussion Forum
    Does anyone have experience listing their Macan on Turo? Pro's/Con's? Looks like I can get a decent amount in my town, but I'm wary to rent it out and have someone misuse it. Especially since finding a place for Porsche-repairs in my area are few and far. Has anyone had any experience with this?
1-19 of 93 Results