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  1. Modifications
    I wanted some more sound out of my Macan Base wihtout drone and with my replica black tips. There are few Base exhaust options that are relatively inexpensive and none that keep the stock tips (I do not like the other tip options offered by some muffler delete manufacturers). I also heard that...
  2. Modifications
    Hello, Hope everyones enjoying their Macans! Quick questions, I have the sport edition package which comes with the Porsche Sport Exhaust, love it, makes great sound on the 2.0 T engine in sport plus mode. But I am seeing if anyone has actually removed their sport exhaust and went with an...
  3. Modifications
    Hi, Just purchased a Macan base and am looking for a little more sound out of it. I was wondering what specifically prevents the MBRP muffler delete from being installed on the base. Are the pipes different diameters, if so isn’t this an easy adapter? Or is it a different structure exhaust? The...
  4. Macan Parts
    Anyone know where I can get black exhaust tips for a 2020 base 2.0 Macan? Everything I find online stops at 2018. Right now I have the stock base model ones. Please send link if u have one.
  5. Macan Parts
    Hi! I am getting the AEW Touring so if anyone is interested in my full PSE exhaust system with mufflers (Black Tips) off of my 23,000 mile 2018 Macan S let me know ! Willing to negotiate OBO Located in Salt Lake City UT
  6. Wheels, Tires and Suspension
    Hi everyone, I am new to Macan Family and its my first time to own a Porsche. Got a problem with the exhaust (the first pic points with red arrow). Why is it a little hole inside the left exhaust tips. Is it normal. It looks really weird. Please post some of yours for reference if possible
  7. Modifications
    Hi there, I just got myself a new 2020 base model (4-cyl) and I want to start doing some mods that can be done myself and at a reasonable cost. Off the bat I plan on upgrading the exhaust tips (dual-tips) but i also want make the exhaust sound a little louder. I know that just new tips won't...
1-7 of 7 Results