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  1. California
    Is there anyone in Los Angeles, CA who owns a 2022 Macan in the Papaya Metallic color? I'd be happy to see how it looks in a real life if you don't mind. I've ordered mine (delivery date is May 2022) but still not sure if I should keep this color.
  2. Interior
    My girlfriend is getting Macan. She is very excited and I want to get her things to help protect her investment. Does anyone have recommendations? I am getting her amazing rubber floor mats, but does anyone know of things that go up the sides to protect the interior of the doors, and the...
  3. Complaints
    Hello. I received my brand new macan 2022 base model 10 days ago. Since day 1, the transmission sticks to the second gear and will only down shift when the speed is 3-4km/Hr. However, this seems to be how is it build but when the steering is on full lock and slowing down(entering a parking...
1-3 of 3 Results